Paul Balmer Interviews Stephane Grappelli

Paul had admired Grappelli’s work from the 1960’s when they both shared a record label – DECCA Ace of Clubs. In 1978 they met at the BBC and Paul had this photograph taken; which shows Stephane serenaded by The Suzuki Children.

Paul sent the photo to  
Stephane and had this  signed 
photo ‘by return’.

Over the next 20 years the friendship and professional relationship developed as Paul first produced a BBC Radio biography ‘60 Years On The Fiddle’ then directed a 3 hour DVD ‘A Life In The Jazz Century’ and finally the hardback biography ‘With and Without Django’.

These projects were enriched by contributions from: Yehudi Menuhin, Nigel Kennedy, Michael Parkinson, Lew Grade and Diz Disley.

Paul Balmer & Nigel Kennedy Paul Balmer & Lew Grade
  Nigel Kennedy & Paul Balmer                               Paul Balmer & Lew Grade

Paul Balmer & Yehudi Menuhin Paul Balmer & Stephane Grappelli
  Paul Balmer & Yehudi Menuhin                            Stephane Grappelli & Paul Balmer* 

* It was a privilege to be invited into Stephane’s home and to be close to this jazz genius.

The DVD and books are still available. The DVD contains all the known footage of Stephane’s long time collaborator Django Reinhardt. It was nominated for a British Academy Award in 2002 and has won two other awards in USA and Rome.

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