Frequently Asked Questions

Please check to see if your query is answered below before you contact us!

Can I email my credit card details?
PayPal can be guaranteed secure. If you have any problems with PayPal please contact  Emails cannot be guaranteed 100% secure, please do not email any credit card details to us.
Will the DVD play in America?
All Music on Earth DVD's are region free and produced in both PAL and NTSC versions. NTSC is the American television system so there will be no problems. Where our products are not available in NTCS versions this is clearly stated and our dispatch team are trained to check that the products they dispatch are compatible with the systems employed in the country the order is being sent to. 
What does 'Region Free' mean?
All DVD's can be 'coded' into geographical regions - of which there are 8. This can result in DVD's for region 1 (i.e. the USA) not playing in UK players and DVD's for region 2 (i.e. the UK) not playing in USA players. This can be very frustrating. To avoid this Music on Earth make only 'region free' (or Region '0') encoded DVD's which we hope will be enjoyed world-wide.
What is NTSC and PAL?
These are two of the television systems adopted throughout the world. There is also a third system 'SECAM'. Music on Earth produce region free DVD's in both PAL and NTSC. This means they will play on any computer in the world, in any DVD player in the world and can be seen on all PAL and NTSC set up televisions. See a list of PAL / NTSC Regions of the world.
What if I'm in a SECAM area?
I'm sorry but at present we are not able to produce SECAM disks. Most modern televisions play any format - if in doubt consult your dealer. However SECAM systems play PAL disks and to date this has not proved to be an issue.
How long does it take to process my order?
We aim to dispatch all orders within 48 hours of hearing from you. The most common way customers request their goods is via ‘First Class’ mail in the UK and via the 'Royal Mail Small Packet' service in the ‘EU’ and ‘Rest of World’. You do however have a variety of postal choices at our ‘checkout’.
What is the cost in my currency?
Due to the ever changing world currency rates we quote all our prices is GBP (Sterling). Your local bank will be able to tell you the conversion rate on the day you place your order.