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Haynes Fender Bass Manual – by Paul Balmer – forward Carol Kaye

WE ARE SORRY THIS MANUAL IS CURRENTLY OUT OF PRINT - it will become available as a digital download soon with audio and video enhancement. If interested please contact sales@musiconearth.co.uk - thank you and apologies for the inconvenience.

A must for any budding bassist who wants to wring the best from their instruments GUITAR BUYER 

In 1950 Leo Fender took on the challenge of making a string bass audible in ‘Western Swing’. He also wanted to design a bass playable by guitarists – with ‘Precision’ fretting and a workable ‘scale’. His audacious solution caused a revolution and today no aspect of popular music is untouched by his genius.

This easy-to-use manual offers advice on how to get the best from your Fender Bass, be it a budget Chinese Squier or a classic Jazz. With step-by-step guidance and clear colour photographs, subjects include changing pickups, adjusting a truss rod, active EQ and DIY fretless conversion of a budget Squier.

17 case studies examine in detail everything from an ex-John Entwistle 1952-3 USA-made ’52-type Precision to Indonesian, Japanese, Mexican and Chinese Fender Bass variants, including Jazz, Telecaster Bass, Bass VI, Bronco, Mustang and Jaguar. Legendary Californian Session bassist Carol Kaye, supplies a foreword and there are ‘Tech Tip’ contributions from world-renowned bass experts John and Andy Diggins.

Chapters include:-

*  Buying a Fender Bass
*  Know your Fender Precision
*  Know your ‘60s Fender Jazz
*  Setting up and tuning
*  Repairs, maintenance and adjustments
*  17 Case studies
*  Key Fender players and their basses

The latest volume of this brilliant series is stacked with tips … should be considered an essential purchase for any owner”  

- GUITARIST magazine

A superb series that examines classic R&R instruments in scrupulous detail … a vital insight into why the Fender made such a huge impact and plenty of useful insider tips … Fascinating interviews … bothpractical and interesting.  

“Fantastic! as usual  - Very, very impressive!”  

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Fender Bass Guitar

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