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Haynes Drum-Kit Manual – by Paul Balmer 

This easy-to-use manual offers advice on getting the best from your kit, hardware and cymbals, whatever its make or vintage. Drums are intensely mechanical, from tension lugs to hi-hat springs. Everything must function in well-lubricated silence, and do so perhaps 10,000 times per gig, with potential for a lot of pace-inhibiting friction. Cymbals need a good stand and proper mountings, heads need seating and damping.

This manual’s down-to-earth text offers guidance on sticks, brushes and rutes, with informed analysis of head types, shell construction, bearing edges, lug casings and finish. Step-by-step guidance and clear colour photographs provide coverage of subjects including choosing drums, tensioning, controlling harmonics and resonance, bassdrum porting, choosing and buying cymbals, general maintenance and cleaning, and rewrapping a vintage drum.

Fascinating case studies of 12 kits examine in detail a wide range of equipment from vintage ’30s beginnings to ’60s Ludwig Downbeats and 21st century pro kits from DW, Yamaha, Premier and Gretsch, in addition to mid-price kits from Pearl and Tama, a beginner’s kit and a Roland Digital kit.

Chapters include:-

*  Buying a first kit
*  Putting together a serious gigging kitt
*  ‘Attuning’ your kit
*  Choosing the right hardware
*  Repairs, cleaning, maintenance and adjustments
*  Cymbal care
*  Replacing a wrap on a vintage kit
*  Drum mats, cases and ‘tuning’ aids
*  RIMS, Kickports and Moongel
*  Practice rigs
*  Key players and their set-ups

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Drum Kit

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