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Haynes Gibson SG Manual – by Paul Balmer - forward Tony Iommi

The SG is Gibson’s biggest-selling electric guitar. Launched in 1961, this iconic ‘Solid Guitar’ was initially conceived as a sleek, more-easily manufactured replacement for the then commercially-failing Les Paul. However, the guitarist Les Paul soon eschewed the new design, and in 1963 the guitar officially became the ‘SG’.

This easy-to-use manual offers advice on how to get the most from your SG with the Haynes signature step-by-step guidance to tuning, set up, troubleshooting and upgrades.

For maintenance purposes, this book considers the modern SG to be an evolution of the 1950s Specials, Juniors and Melody makers, with which it shares many construction details and features.

Case studies include fifties-style ‘single-cuts’ and ‘double–cuts’, including the updated modern Billie Joe Armstrong Signature, the modern Standard, a Pete Townshend Special, two doublenecks, from Don Felder and Jimmy Page, a Custom Shop Angus Young, a budget Melody Maker, a Korina Custom and an original 1962 Junior.

Epiphone has also contributed much to the SG’s popularity, and the G400 is ripe for upgrades and modifications, including a retro Bigsby vibrato, a ‘roller’ bridge, and some ‘Jaydee hooligan’ pickups.

SG player Tony Iommi  of Black Sabbath, who has played SGs since 1970, provides an appropriate forward. His featured guitars include several made by luthier John Diggins as well as his Gibson Custom Shop edition.

Chapters include:-

*  Buying an SG
*  Know your Standard
*  Know your ‘50s-style Junior and Special
*  Setting up and tuning
*  12 case studies
*  Key SG players and their instruments

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Gibson SG

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